Kieser Training turns to Wunderman to boost membership

LONDON - Wunderman has developed an acquisition campaign for Kieser Training to boost membership numbers in its UK gyms.

The ad campaign will focus on location media including outdoor posters, street ambient, London Underground Tube and escalator panels.

The ads include simple but striking one-word typography to dramatise the benefits of joining a gym.

One poster features the word "tummy" in pink, centered amongst a black background. The letters in the word "tummy" start off thick and gradually become thinner, depicting a shrinking stomach.

The campaign was developed by senior Wunderman creative team James Nester and Chris Lawson.

Nester said: "This was a fantastic opportunity to work for a client with a genuine point of difference."

Kieser Training claims to offer a very specific and focused training technique that is considered to be one of the most efficient for building body strength for health. The company has venues in Camden and Fulham, London.