Kit Kat '107 calorie' by JWT London

Santa Claus is the star of the latest Kit Kat campaign created by JWT. Breaking on Christmas day, the 40-second ad highlights the fact that a two-finger bar of Kit Kat contains only 107 calories.
This is illustrated by Santa Claus returning home after the busiest day of his year, and eating the low-cal snack while lamenting on how much of a struggle it was a struggle to fit down some of the chimneys after so many mince pies.The Santa used is the version created by much-loved author Raymond Briggs, who has appeared in the films 'Father Christmas' and 'Father Christmas Goes on Holiday'. A 30-second version will break on December 27 and run into 2007. It is timed to coincide with the traditional period of New Year dieting and restraint that follows the festive season.