Kitcatt Nohr scoops launch of state-run teacher-training TV

Kitcatt Nohr Alexander Shaw has been appointed to launch the first government-funded TV channel aimed at ensuring teachers in Britain's schools are better trained.

The agency beat Miles Calcraft Briginshaw Duffy's Elvis subsidiary and Cartwright to the brief to build interest in Teachers' TV before transmission begins next year.

The channel will be the first of its kind in Europe dedicated to people working in schools and to raising the status of teaching. Teachers will have the opportunity to see inside other classrooms, find out how other schools are managed and have access to the latest news and developments affecting the sector as a whole.

The channel is being operated by a consortium, which includes Carlton Communications, the Institute of Education and Brook Lapping Productions.

Paul Kitcatt, the agency's creative partner, said: "As a former teacher I know what we're up against. We need to ensure that setting an appointment to view the channel isn't seen as yet another task by our time-harried audience."