KOOKY 01: MTV - Slip

"This commercial is a funny and surprising example of youth culture - showing people breaking the rules and having fun. At the same time it demonstrates a brilliant use of music. Its refrain is so strange and distinct, it could have made it into the MTV charts itself. A cool ad for a cool product and cool people. It's an ad that not only reflects MTV culture, but manages to be part of it."

Private View Germany, July 02, Hermann Waterkamp, Creative Director, Leagas Delaney, Hamburg


Client/Title: MTV Germany/'Slip'

Agency: Springer & Jacoby Advertising

Post Str. 37-39

20354 Hamburg


T: +49 40 3560 30

F: +49 40 35 60 33 44

email: anja_rieken@sj.com

Creative Director: Arno Lindemann

Art Director: Tilmann Trost

Writer: Bastian Engbert

Production company: Tempomedia Filmproduktion

Kai Str. 12

40221 Dusseldorf


T: +49 211 901 5970

F: +49 211 308897

email: duesseldorf@tempomedia.com

Director: M

Producer: Vera Portz

Director of Photography: M

Post-production company: M/Das Werk Hamburg

Frauenthal 14

20149 Hamburg

T: +44 404316690

F: +44 404307595

Editor: M

Music: Stereo Total

Sound Design: M/Tonhaus