KOOKY 02: Ipren - Intelligent House

A bizarre and innovative way of promoting a painkiller in an uncreative sector. Advertised as the "intelligent choice" this latest execution is aimed at men as well as women (the product was previously sold as menstrual pain relief). Bringing the pill to life and having it sing its benefits has led to the song becoming a national phenomenon. The (not so) intelligent home idea was inspired by homes of the future. Thoroughly 'Swedish', with brilliant casting and direction.


Client/title: Ipren/'Intelligent House'

Agency: Garbergs

PO Box 15408

Stadsjarden #6

10465 Stockholm


T: +46 8 651 5151

F: +46 8 654 0321

email: mess@garbergs.se

Creative Director: Martin Humpert

Agency Producer: Jessica Thorelius

Art Director: Petter Odeen

Writer: Nils-Gustav Tollman

Production company: Acne

Majorsgatan 11

114 47 Stockholm


T: +46 8 555 799 00

Director: Acne

Director of Photography: Crille Forsberg

Post-production company: Stockholm Post Production

Odengaten 104

113 22 Stockholm


T: +4685 070 3500

F: +00 4683 27 722

email: magnus@stopost.se

Editor: Dino Jonsater

Music: Nils-Gustav Tollman