KOOKY 05: Lucky Magazine - Cheryl & Me

The word 'bizarre' doesn't even begin to describe this spot. A woman meets a mannequin who becomes her best friend. Her boyfriend, not surprisingly, thinks she's mad, until he gets to know the mannequin more intimately himself. She's devastated, but quickly gets over it by making a new best friend, a magazine. Er right. A filmic spot by Baker Smith with a fitting soundtrack, this was a Gold winner.


Product/client: Lucky Magazine

Agency: Black Rocket

Pier 33 South

San Francisco 94111



T: +1 415 477 1999

F: +1 415 477 1990

email: yost@blackrocket.com

Art Director: Phil Covitz

Writers: Stacey Higgens, David Loew, Warren Cockrel

Production company: Tate & Partners

New York 100


T: +1 212 965 4625

Director: Baker Smith

Post-production company: Phoenix Editorial

717 Battery Street@Pacific

94111 San Francisco



T: +415 394 7777

F: +415 394 8004

email: info@phoenixeditorial.com

Editor: Bob Frisk