The Kraken is released with deep-sea immersive restaurant

Kraken is cooking up a storm with oceanic pop-up.

The Kraken: experience named after rum's signature cocktail
The Kraken: experience named after rum's signature cocktail

Rum brand The Kraken has lifted the lid on its nautical-themed pop-up, named "Dine in a perfect storm" after its signature cocktail The Perfect Storm.

Promising to be "not an experience for the faint of heart, or those that shy away at the thought of flinging themselves into a watery oblivion", the dining experience will see guests sip cocktails as they (figuratively) set sail for the Caribbean.

However, as the weather takes an unexpected turn, diners will find themselves enjoying a two-course meal in the middle of a full-blown simulated storm, featuring strobe lights, thunder and actual rainfall (yes, waterproof jackets will be provided).

On the upside, anyone who survives their main course can tuck into a portion of Kraken ice-cream for dessert.

In 2017, The Kraken geared up for Halloween with a spooky film screening featuring eerie clowns and a scream-activated photo booth.

"Dine in a perfect storm" runs from 1 to 13 July in London's Charing Cross.