Kreate launches new immersive experience division

Experience marketing agency Kreate has announced the launch of their new division ProKreate, which it claims is the UK's first full service, immersive brand experience agency.

ProKreate will employ a range of actors to work at their experiential events.
ProKreate will employ a range of actors to work at their experiential events.

The agency will focus on devising and executing multi-sensory experiences in order to create memories and talking points. It plans to employ specialist performers who will play ‘complex characters’, and invest in sensory sets and multimedia environments.

ProKreate has piloted its concept by creating immersive ‘speakeasy’ experiences to market and celebrate a well-known drinks brand’s anniversary. The performers at the event, dubbed as ‘the cast’ by the company, were choreographed by a team featuring members of the Royal Shakespeare Company.

Kreate has already developed several experiential campaigns of its own, including Coca-Cola's 'holidays are coming' Christmas truck.

Jo Dunn, head of ProKreate, said: "The importance of creating a unique experience with talkability is vital. We know positive experiences lead to a personal endorsement by word of mouth. A natural compulsion to share one’s own version of a story drives people onto social media during and after an event.

"A fully-immersive experience such as this will be compelling enough to generate such a reaction."

She added: "Brands need to ensure activities surrounding their involvement are implemented with the right spirit and vision to secure the long-term benefits of their investments."

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