Kru Live prepares to accept crypto currencies

Kru Live, the live engagement agency, is accepting five of the top crypto currencies as it aims to "streamline" its payments system.

Google: one of Kru Live's tech clients
Google: one of Kru Live's tech clients

Tom Eatenton, chief executive and founder of Kru Live, believes that the agency is the first in the events space to accept Bitcoin.

Kru Live will also take payment in the form of Etherum, Ripple, Dash and Litecoin.

Eatenton told Campaign: "A growing number of our clients are in the tech and fintech space and crypto currency is very current.

"This will help the speed of transactions too given that 23% of our business is international. The whole purpose is to provide a lower cost, seamless, efficient and faster way of payments."

He added that some clients are "still scratching their heads" about crypto currency but believes that an increasing number of businesses are moving this way.

Kru Live works with clients including PlayStation, Mastercard, HSBC and NFL.