Kyme and Asbury get together to establish Baby production shop

Lynnette Kyme, the former managing director of the now defunct

BFCS, has teamed up with Pamela Asbury, the managing director of Baby

Films, to form a production company called Baby.

The company will retain directors from the respective companies' former

rosters, including Steve Bendelack, the award-winning director formerly

at Baby Films.

Bendelack's commercial credits include Lilt, Pot Noodle, McEwan's lager

and Crosse & Blackwell, and his television credits include The Royle

Family, Spitting Image and The League of Gentlemen.

The company will also represent Jon Wright, formerly of BFCS, who has

directed commercials for Irish Beef and the charity The London


Baby has also announced the signing of the director Matthew Parkhill,

who recently won the Rushes Short Film Festival 2001's Artsworld Short

Film Award for his entry Talk, commissioned by Film Four.

The company will also represent Rob Hifle, whose commercials include

Sony PlayStation, Drambuie and The Woolwich, and Hardeep, whose short

film was released with High Fidelity.

Kyme said: "The ethos of Baby is to have fun while attaining enviable

levels of production with highly creative people. The company's

development and format will be entirely dependent on the interaction of

this talent."

Asbury added: "Lynnette and I had wanted to work together for a long

time and we were both delighted when the circumstances came together for

us to do so."