Labour digital campaign stars computer-generated Cameron

Labour has unveiled what it claims is the world's first party election broadcast to use computer-generated imagery. The new campaign depicts the Tory leader, David Cameron, as a chameleon.

The broadcast was made by volunteers from the film and advertising industries, who gave an estimated £400,000-worth of time to Labour. The creative team was Mark Lucas, the chief executive of Silverfish, who developed the "Dave the Chameleon" concept, and David Willing, the chief executive at Miracle Media Group, whose Picture Production Company executed it.

The chameleon changes its colour according to the audience it is addressing but always reverts to Tory blue at the end. The brand will be used until the next election and marks a switch by Labour towards viral marketing.

The image will be used in podcasts, DVDs, a viral game, mobile phones and on mugs.

Lucas said: "We haven't bought a single poster site or ad-van - it's a fresh start for political campaigning."