Ladbrokes "Drummers" by Neverland

Online betting firm Ladbrokes has launched its Euro 2020 campaign, to the beat of hundreds of live drummers.

The film, directed by Sam Brown of Rogue Films, uses hundreds of drummers to evoke the anticipation and tension that football fans feel during a crucial penalty. As the player backs nervously away from the ball viewers can hear his heart beating in a metronomic rhythm. 

As the camera pans away, it reveals the noise is actually being created by a crowd of drummers surrounding the player and filling the stadium, and even spilling out into the commentary box. The drummers also beat out the same rhythm in living rooms, pubs, bus stops, roof tops and city streets, building to a peak as the player runs to the penalty spot and makes contact with the ball. 

The spot, created by Neverland's Noel Hamilton and Lloyd Daniel, signifies a change in direction for Ladbrokes, moving from focusing on the excitement provided by placing a bet to the excitement of the game itself. It signifies the company’s efforts to establish itself as an entertainment brand.