Land Rover mailout offers chance to try Freelander

LONDON - Land Rover is targeting hot prospects with a direct mail campaign that invites them to try out the latest Freelander 2004 models.

The mail pack, created by Craik Jones Watson Mitchell Voelkel, invites recipients to the Freelander Rally Experience and includes a booklet explaining the different models available to try.

The Rally Experience offers an on-road drive of a Freelander Sport, the chance to drive the 2004 Freelander off-road and the opportunity to be a passenger in a World Rally championship car, the Freelander M-Sport.

The pack's envelope shows the M-Sport in mid-air, bouncing across a track, with the caption: "Co-pilot required."

The campaign was art directed by Chris Jones and written by John Spinks.

The pack will go out to people on Land Rover's database who have owned a Land Rover or have expressed an interest in buying one.

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