LATE ENTRIES: Sponsored by 2AM Films Ltd - Brahma Chopp - Turtle, Revenge

As if being Brazil's best-selling beer wasn't enough, F/Nazca Saatchi & Saatchi has produced a hugely popular campaign for the brand. Features and commercials director, Sergio Amon, gives an irreverent personality to the turtle. Finding himself in awkward situations in the desert, he always manages to refresh himself with a can of Brahma Chopp. He is brilliantly brought to life using animation.

Product/client: Brahma Chopp

Agency: F/Nazca Saatchi & Saatchi

Rua Republica do Libano 253


Sao Paolo


T: +55 11 3059 4800

F: +55 11 3059 4947


Creative Directors: Fabio Fernandes, Eduardo Lima

Agency Producer: Regiani Pettinelli

Production company: Zero Filmes

Rua Tenerife 52

CEP 04548-040 Sao Paulo


T: +55 11 822 1813

F: +55 11 822 1813

Director/Director of Photography: Amon

Producer: Zero Filmes

Post-production company: Vetor Zero

Sao Paolo


Editors: Amon Conny, Marcelo Teixeira

Sound Design: Tesis

3D: Alceu Baptistao