LATE ENTRIES: Sponsored by - 2AM Films Ltd - Levi's - Payback Time

BBH is aiming to do more for its clients outside of traditional advertising and give its staff - creatives or otherwise - more interesting projects to work on. Hence this, its first foray into music videos. Written by John Hegarty and designer Ali Augir, the video promotes 'Payback', the soundtrack featured in the latest Levi's commercial, while the look and feel of the promo also echoes that of the ad.


Record company: Levi's/The Dysfunctionals/Meanwhile Records

Agency: Bartle Bogle Hegarty

60 Kingly St

London W1R 6DS

T: +44 20 7734 1677

F: +44 20 7437 3666


Writers: Ali Augur, John Hegarty

Production company: Picasso Pictures

Berwick Street Market

London W1V 3FD

T: +44 20 7437 9888


Directors: Ali Augur, Stuart Hilton