LATE ENTRIES: Sponsored by 2AM Films Ltd - Roudoudou - Just a Place in the Sun

Cuddly animated hula girls swimming underwater discover a suitcase containing three puppet boys who are members of the group Magic Combo. Naturally, their dream boys are brought to life thanks to the sun's rays (if only) - and their blissful Hawaiian lifestyle begins. Moret, the thirtysomething graphic designer made this promo at home on his G4Mac - with his storyboard, drawings and the 2D puppets he built with Illlustrator and Photoshop.

Product/client: Roudoudou; Delabel

Production company: Le Village

5 Rue d'Hauteville

75010 Paris


T: +33 1 42 46 02 02

F: +33 1 42 46 78 42


Director: Francois Moret

Producer: Charles Petit

Art Director: Francois Moret