LATE ENTRIES: Sponsored by 2AM Films Ltd - Toyota Canada - Matrix Roadtrip

Primarily a cinema spot, "Road Trip" is airing on TV too. It was wholly shot in live action and then around 30 seconds was rotoscoped. As the animated car drives it peels a swathe of live action and after going under a bridge the whole ad goes live until the final frame. Peeling sequences were done in 3D. Toronto animation company Redrover completed rotoscoping and 3D in under four weeks but have produced eye-catching results.

Product/client: Toyota Canada Inc.

Agency: Saatchi & Saatchi

145 King Street East

Toronto M5C 2Y8



F: +1 416 359 9636


Creative Director: Mariano Favetto

Art Director: Kathryn Nassr

Writers: Blain Harper, Rick Teigrob

Agency Producer: Anna Tricini

Production company: Industry Films

260 Kings Street East

Suite 200

Toronto M5A 4L5


T: +1 416 815 1717

F: +1 416 815 0353


Directors: Sean Thonson, Andy Knight; Redrover Studios (animation and 3D

animation), Brad Husbane; Redrover Studios (animation)

Producer: Rita LeRoux

Post-production company: Third Floor

116 Spadina Ave

Suite 100

Toronto M5V 2K6


T: +1 416 504 6004

F: +1 416 504 5650

Editor: Barry McMann

Music: Ted Rosnick; RosMac, Toronto

Sound Design: Ted Rosnick; RosMac, Toronto