LATE ENTRIES: Sponsored by 2AM Films Ltd - Velvet - Love Your Bum

A commendable attempt to overcome the hidebound and old-fashioned conventions surrounding advertising in the toilet tissue category. Here we are presented with a series of bottoms, directed by Tony Kaye -not of the usual peachy baby variety - but rear ends of various shapes and sizes. This is the agency's debut and swansong for the brand - since winning a place on the P&G roster. - so it will be interesting to see if the new impetus continues.

Product/client: Velvet

Agency: Publicis

82 Baker St

London W1M 2AE


T: +44 20 7935 4426

F: +44 20 7487 3317

email: kerry.o'

Agency Producer: Julie Anderson

Creative Teams: Peter Gatley, Paul Quarry

Production company: Harry Nash

Harry's House

27-29 Beak Street

London W1F 9RU


T: +44 20 7025 7500


Director: Tony Kaye

Producer: Amy Appleton-Smith

Post-production company: Clear

Fenton House

55-57 Great Marlborough St

London W1V 1DD


T: +44 20 7734 5557

F: +44 20 7734 4533


Editor: Pete Goddard; Poppy Films

Flame Artist: Johnny Hicks