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Better late than never. Campaign Screen's late entries section features work fresh from the edit suite.

DAFT PUNK - Digital Love

With record companies eagerly releasing new albums on DVD with visuals for each track, the problem is maintaining quality and unity. Daft Punk and Virgin France have cleverly sidestepped the issue by getting legendary Manga artist Leiji Matsumoto to create 14 episodes of a sci-fi anime series. In this age of Final Fantasy CG, it's nice to see animation that doesn't attempt to ape reality, while still wowing with colour, style and energy.

Record Company: Daft Life/Virgin France

Commissioner: Daft Life

Production company: Toei Animation Company

Hahuko Building

5-7-11 Shinjuku




t: +81 3 3535 7621

Director: Leiji Matsumoto

Producer: Daft Life


Rather than use stock footage to get the message across, new agency devilfish took an oblique approach. The client's point of difference from rival the Discovery Channel was its dedicated team of explorers and scientists and their research charity origins. In 'Tooth', a repairman puzzles over a mauled video camera, pouring water out of it and then extracting a shark's tooth. The implication is clear - the cameraman has gone above and beyond the call of duty in search of the shot.

Product/client: National Geographic

Agency: devilfish

121 King Henry's Road

Primrose Hill

London NW3 3RB


t: +44 20 7419 0446

f: +44 20 7419 0446


Creative Director: Richard Holman

Writer: Richard Homan

Production company: Rogue Films

70 Mortimer Street

London W1N 7DF


t: +44 20 7907 1000

f: +44 20 7907 1001


Director: Johan Tappert

Producer: Libby Davies

Director of Photography: Baz Irvine

Post-production company: The Moving Picture Company

127-133 Wardour St

London W1V 4NL


t: +44 20 7434 3100

f: +44 171 287 5187


Editor: Tim Hardy; Cut and Run

Sound Design: Scramble

THE GREAT - Sneezer

This typically outlandish Czech animation features a pair of hapless thieves, who steal a reanimated alien mummy which sneezes diamonds. There is great detail in the expressionistic sets and the action is well handled, particularly when the Sneezer comes to life at the end. Drziak was recently signed to Stink's new animation offshoot, Skunk, having just graduated from prestigious Prague film school FAMU.

Production company: EALLIN @ Skunk

41 Great Windmill St

London W1D 7LZ


t: +44 20 7734 0404

f: +44 20 7734 4454


Writer/Director: Noro Drziak

Producer: Martin Hovorka

Director of Photography: Jiri Livanec

Post-production company: FAMU - Film & Television School

Smetanovo nobr. 2

Prague 116 65

Czech Republic

t: +420 2 2422 9176

f: +420 2 2423 0285


Editor: Sarka Sklenarova

Music: Emil Viklicky

Sound Design: Guillermo Teillier

BMW - Engineers

S,C,P, F's latest offering in its "Love to Drive?" campaign for BMW Spain takes a more bizarre route than the two previous spots ('Hand', shown in Campaign Screen Issue 16 and 'Sleepyhead' in Issue 18). 'Engineers' marks the Spanish launch of the Compact, aimed at younger drivers. With this in mind, we witness a group of BMW Engineers attempting to shun their staid lifestyles. Director Pep Bosch instils a surreal and stylish quality.

Product/client: BMW Compact

Agency: S,C,P,F

Calatrava 71

Barcelona 08017


t: +34 934 34 34 34

f: +34 934 34 34 35


Creative Director: David Caballero

Agency Producer: Ana Perez Cela

Art Director: Myriam Maneiro

Writer: Breno Cotta

Production companies: Lee Films

Juliana Hernandez, 25a

Madrid 28043, Spain

t: +34 91 721 8794

f: +34 91 721 8770

Microscope SL

Plaza Sant Josep Oriol 4 2o 4a

Barcelona 08002


t: +34 6 29673268

f: +34 93 412 6887


Director: Pep Bosch

Producers: Julia Carrasco, Angel Recio

Director of Photography: Manuel Ruiz

Post-production company: La Truka

C/Portbou 6

08028 Barcelona


t: +34 93 339 4500

f: +34 93 491 1716

Editor: Joan Janer

Music: Chupi (Toni Saigi); Montaje de Mozart

Flame Artist: David Munoz

Sound Design: Montaje de Mozart


'Ice' stars footballer-turned-Hollywood actor Vinnie Jones. The spot, directed by 26-year-old Brian Beletic, wasn't cheap. The scene where Vinnie's speedboat is ripped away meant writing-off five of them to perfect the shot. The pandemonium comes to an abrupt end as the ice block smashes into a house in the 'Latin Quarter' where, naturally, a party is in full swing - at least they have ice ...

Product/client: Carta Blanca/Bacardi

Agency: McCann-Erickson

36 Howland Street

London W1A 1AT


t: +44 20 7580 6690

f: +44 20 7323 2883


Creative Director: Jeremy Perrott

Creative Team: Jeremy Perrot, Luke White

Agency Producer: Petrina Kilby

Production company: Satellite Films

16 West Central St

London WC1A 1JJ


t: +44 20 7395 4155

f: +44 20 7240 0355


Director: Brian Beletic

Producer: Erik Liekefet

Post-production company: The Mill

40-41 Great Marlborough St

London W1V 1DA


t: +44 20 7287 4041

f: +44 20 7287 8393


Editor: Hank Corwin; Lost Planet Editorial

Music: Ben Moy