Latest Hillary Clinton ad paints Trump as a terrible example to your children

Hillary Clinton has honed in on the allegedly damaging effect her opponent's language is having on America's children in a ferocious new campaign ad.

The ad will air as part of an eight-figure ($10m+) ad buy the campaign announced earlier in eight crucial swing states: Virginia, Ohio, Colorado, New Hampshire, Iowa, Florida, Nevada and North Carolina.

It revisits some of Donald Trump’s most controversial comments from the campaign, alternating clips of him speaking at rallies with children watching him intently on TV.

It’s not the first time in this campaign that Clinton has used the subject of children to speak to voters. In February, she unveiled an ad created by Droga5 that compiles 11 clips of the candidate over 37 years of her life, each depicting her talking about the responsibility society has to its children.

Outside of traditional media, Clinton’s campaign has also been noted for its zeitgeist-capturing use of social, especially in her Twitter battles with Trump.