Can you learn from virtual reality: video

Virtual reality is often labelled as purely an entertainment platform, but it's ability to bring a story to life can be put to more uses than just getting your rocks off

Education relies on great story-telling in just the same way that a film does- to hold our attention- but more importantly it has to engage us on a more intellectual level. We wanted to test our theory that you could use VR to teach people, and used huddlers as our test subject. And man, were you willing!

Thanks to everyone who tried it and gave us such useful feedback. We brought along a mini-lesson on the difference between the Internet and the Web, one of the basic facts of digital literacy, and something the majority of people struggle with.

We set up four Google Cardboards with smartphones, loaded up our app, and waited… We thought what we had made was really cool, if you want to see whether people agreed, why not watch the video we made on the day?

VR’s application in education and beyond is a really exciting one, in a world where attention spans are decreasing, ads are being blocked, the ability to dominate a user’s attention for 3-5 minutes is a precious one. Getting people to focus long enough for them to learn something is one of the hardest tasks out there.

Ask any teacher. So if you can use VR to teach, which we think we did, imagine what you could do with that quality of attention on your own branded experience. We create visual animated learning experiences for a living but doing it in 3D was more ambitious than we anticipated. Visual storytelling in a 3D environment is the greatest challenge, and the greatest asset of virtual reality.

You need to create 360 degrees of experience, but in order to tell a story successfully, you have to guide users through this new world. You have to signpost the key points, subtly drawing the eye to where it needs to be, and ensuring users are not lost in the world created. We really enjoyed experimenting on all you huddlers, and thanks to Mindshare for giving us a chance to.

Whether or not virtual reality becomes a mainstay in the education world, one thing that is really clear to us is that you can learn from it and really, we all could be. If you have your own cardboard and want to experience what we made for yourself, search for Virtual Campus in the place where you get your apps from.