What we can learn from YouTube Works 2019

Verra Budimlija, the 2019 chair of judges and chief strategy officer at Wavemaker, Campaign's global editor-in-chief Claire Beale and Sarah Newman, director at the APG on passions, impact and culture

Tap into passions to create compelling content

I’m honoured to have chaired the YouTube Works Awards this year.  

At a time when so much about our industry is in flux, knowing what works and proving real world impact is critical. Each winning paper did just that.

It’s long been recognised that audiences vote with their fingers even before they vote with their wallets. The winners showed how YouTube is uniquely placed to capture the attention of audiences by tapping into their passions; creating content that their audience want to spend time with.

Being a purchase journey obsessive, I was thrilled to read papers that could prove effectiveness throughout the whole purchase journey. There is a fantastic body of evidence to show how YouTube has helped brands drive long term brand consideration as well as closing the sale.

I love the fact that this year’s jury has recognised effectiveness, no matter the size of the investment. YouTube’s insight and measurement tools, accessible to everyone regardless of budget, enables even the smallest of brands to find their audience, find meaningful connections and create multiple executions all in the most effective formats.

I do hope you enjoy reading the papers as much as I have, and that you’re inspired by the breadth of effectiveness possibilities offered by this exciting platform. Congratulations to the 2019 winners. 

Verra Budimlija chief strategy officer, Wavemaker and YouTube Works 2019 chair of judges

Setting a gold standard with impact

Celebrating creative excellence that delivers proven results has never been more important and once again Campaign’s partnership with YouTube for these awards allows us to do just that.

All of this year’s winners showcase what our industry is really capable of when it’s at its best. These are campaigns that demonstrate how the clear use of data and insight allied to wonderfully rich creative ideas and the power of YouTube can drive measurable engagement, brand loyalty and sales results. These are campaigns that have made a real impact and set a gold standard. 

Congratulations to all this year’s winners; we are proud to be able to toast your work. 

Claire Beale, global editor-in-chief, Campaign


Influencing commerce and culture  

For the third year running, the APG has supported the YouTube Works Awards. No stranger to awards ourselves, our own Creative Strategy Awards concentrate on the power of brilliant thinking  to unlock brand growth and change behaviour.

Unsurprisingly, we also champion the absolute importance of effectiveness, and the impact of well written, excellently supported effectiveness cases.

YouTube Works is especially interesting as the cases that these awards have amassed highlight the growing and exciting world of video case histories, where YouTube has fuelled innovative campaigns that have had notable commercial, cultural and brand effects.

We're keen to get these cases into as many planning and strategy hands as possible and house the best of them on our own searchable data base, available to APG members: Think Tank.

Sarah Newman, director, APG