Age 38
Based at Epsom, UK
Daily fee Varies hugely depending on where an ad is filmed and where
it's running. Basic co-ordinating fee is £500 for a ten-hour stint
- but all the action stuff comes on top of that

Career highlights Like most of the world's best, Powell's CV owes a lot to Bond. He drove James' boat in the opening chase sequence of The World is Not Enough and drove the tank in Goldeneye. Commercials work includes Reebok's "sofa ad and the Mini "adventure campaign.

Would you believe You thought Titanic looked scary? Imagine the hydraulic lift breaking and leaving you hanging from a 90-degree-angled poop deck for a couple of hours.

What people are saying "There's no ego with Gary, unlike some stuntmen. I think egos are born out of fear and when you're as experienced as Gary you have no fear, Laura Gregory of Great Guns says.

Age 40
Based at The Stunt Company Limited, Winkfield, near Ascot, UK
Daily fee A very basic rate of £1,000 doesn't include various
extras including repeats, overtime and weekends

Career highlights Remember the bungee jumper leaping off a sheer dam to open the Bond movie Goldeneye? That would be Mr Michaels, as would the death-defying Milk Tray deliverer who dropped from an aircraft's undercarriage into a tropical ocean. He also choreographed the fight scene in John West Salmon's multi-award winning "bear ad.

Would you believe The Milk Tray jump was tested first using a sandbag on the end of a rope. As soon as the bag hit the water it was attacked by a host of local sharks. Michaels did the jump anyway.

What people are saying "He is thoroughly professional, very amenable and very director friendly, the director Daniel Kleinman says.

Age 54
Based at Works through Stunts Incorporated near Windsor in Berkshire, UK
Daily fee An estimated £4,500 per job

Career highlights Picking up a science and technology Oscar for his work in more than 250 movies, including every Bond flick since 1966's You Only Live Twice.

Would you believe Armstrong was lining up a jump on to a moving horse for Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade when he realised that Harrison Ford had his mind set on doing the stunt himself - with no regard to life or limb. Armstrong had to drag him behind a rock and make up something about stuntmen losing their jobs before the star desisted.

What people are saying "The combination of his expertise, professionalism and dynamic personality make him one of the best to work with, the actor Pierce Brosnan says.


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