Lego "Rebuild the world" by BETC Paris and The Lego Agency

Lego's first brand campaign in 30 years invites kids to express their creativity and "rebuild the world".

The film follows a chase scene between a hunter and a clever rabbit, mixing elements of reality with fantastical scenes imagined by kids. Lego bricks don’t appear until the end, but every character and vehicle is based on an actual toy with the same characteristics: so heads can spin 360 degrees, bodies can bend completely backwards, everyday objects are oversized and a boat can fly. It also appeals to diehard Lego fans by featuring a number of Easter eggs that span generations of Lego, such as the classic wooden duck toy, a dragon wearing trainers designed by Jeremy Scott and a life-sized replica of the Lego House in Billund, Denmark, where Lego has its headquarters. Lego said it launched the global campaign as a call to action for people to develop and express creativity throughout their lives.