Leith adopts detective theme in Tennent's ad

The Leith Agency has unveiled a cinema campaign for Tennent's lager

to compete with the high-profile campaigns from rival lager brands

including Stella Artois and Heineken.

The 60-second commercial, "pintlings", takes the phrase "I could murder

a pint" literally, and opens on a dark world populated by pints of

Tennent's lager. As the spot unfurls, two detective pints come to terms

with a gruesome murder.

At the crime scene, they discover that one of their fellow pints has

been drained of all of its fluids.

A pencil sketch from an eye-witness reveals that it was a human hand

that committed the crime.

The voices of the pints are Amanda Burton, of Silent Witness, playing a

pathologist pint while, Ken Stott, from The Vice, is the detective,

aided by Ewen Bremner, who played Spud in Trainspotting.

Aardman Animations invented a way of puppeteering real pints of

Tennent's, then shot live-action sequences on sets and in a scaled-down

city morgue.

Stop-frame animation then provided the limbs and mouths.

Giles Moffatt, the group account director, said: "The idea came from the

simple fact that people 'murder' more pints of Tennent's than any other

lager. In the past year, there has been a lot of talked-about beer

advertising - we're hoping that something as insightful, original and

well-made as 'pintlings' will trump it."

The campaign was written by Dougal Wilson and art directed by Gareth

Howells. It was directed by Darren Walsh through Aardman Animations.

Media planning and buying is through BBJ.