Leith London creates $5m drive for Iomega storage capabilities

Leith London has devised a $5 million pan-European press

campaign for the data storage company Iomega International, which aims

to appeal to both corporate IT decision-makers and home PC users.

In the first work Leith has produced for the company since winning its

account in July, humorous computer-generated images will promote two

different products.

In one, a rhino has a carry handle on its back to promote Zip disks, and

a second shows a sumo wrestler on a space hopper to promote the Peerless

portable hard drive.

The campaign will position Iomega as a specialist in data storage,

looking for a competitive edge in this field over its competitors - IBM,

Sony and Hewlett-Packard.

Dave Thomas, the account director at Leith, said: "We're trying to

create a friendly and funny personality for the brand to make it

different from its competitors."

The aim is also to take the products to a broader audience. This is

reflected in the media schedule, which includes mainstream lifestyle and

design magazines in the UK, France and Germany from October.

The ads were art directed by John Messum, Louisa Almgrem, Guy Manwaring

and Chris Kelly and copywritten by Paul Silburn, Tim Collins and Rob


The designer was Big Active and the illustrator was Simon Henwood. Media

planning and buying is through Media Planning Group.