Leo Burnett utilises images of safety in Pressure Guard ads

Leo Burnett has taken its cue from the hard-hitting style of the Government's road safety ads in a new campaign promoting what is claimed to be the first pressure gauge that will warn drivers when their tyres have lost pressure.

The ads for the gauge, called Pressure Guard, are intended to link the product with driving safety in people's minds.

The strategy is based on research showing that about one-third of the UK's 27 million cars drive with under-inflated tyres. This reduces a vehicle's road holding, increases braking distances and the threat of blow-outs.

The ads will appear on posters at tyre depots throughout the UK under a deal signed by Auto Unique, which has bought the rights to the product.

The aim to is attract drivers' attention as they wait for their tyres to be repaired and encourage them to buy the products.

The ads, which hammer home the message that driving with under-inflated tyres can kill, were written by Julie Adams and art directed by Richard Connor.