Leo Burnett wins most creative radio ad with Homebase

Leo Burnett's radio ad for Homebase was the most creative of those tested by the Radio Advertising Bureau in the first half of 2014.

The radio ad, which featured new music – "Disco Bob" by Professor Bobo & Bosko – launched as part of an integrated campaign alongside TV spots. This integration was praised for demonstrating the importance of consistency to help bed in quickly with listeners.

Keith Ironside, the marketing manager, brand communications at Homebase, said: "Radio plays a critical role in our communications mix to help amplify our overall brand campaign.

"As a retailer, it is crucial to ensure our customers understand who it is that is talking to them and what our offers are, and we are delighted that our advertising performs so well in the RadioGauge research, that fundamentally measures if we are communicating effectively."

The ad beat McCann London's ad for Subway and a Confused.com ad by Publicis London into second and third place respectively.

The RAB’s RadioGauge tool tests campaigns throughout the year against 11 statements that correspond to the five 'Is' of involvement, identity, impression, information and integration. Mother's Christmas ad for Boots ranked the highest in the second half of 2013.

1. Homebase (Creative by Leo Burnett; media by Mindshare)

Homebase’s success in the first half of the year demonstrates the importance of consistency between radio and its TV counterpart. Homebase is known for its sync of Peter, Bjorn & John’s "Young Folks" however this campaign marks a departure with the introduction of new music in the form of "Disco Bob" by Professor Bobo & Bosko Slim.

Launching this campaign across both radio and TV has ensured that it has bedded in quickly with listeners and Homebase has continued to score incredibly well on the key "integration" metric as a result. In addition to the integrated music, great offers were promoted in a very clear and concise manner. Simple and yet very effective.

2. Subway (Creative by McCann; media by MediaCom)

Subway used gentle humour to help deliver its message clearly while keeping listeners thoroughly engaged. This, accompanied with the recognisable "eat fresh" tag line, made this ad a sure bet for a strong performance on our creative metrics, and who can resist the mention of bacon?

3. Confused.com (Creative by Publicis; media by PHD)

Confused.com has continuously used strong consistent creative ideas, which has led to a well-deserved place in the top three. The character Brian the Robot is instantly recognisable and unique with a strong link to the ongoing TV campaign.

Confused.com has once again managed to tick almost every box when it comes to our creative measures and reflects the findings from the RAB’s ‘Turning Art Into Science’ report which highlights just how important consistency over time can be for campaign success.

4. Dairylea (Creative by Global Radio; media by PHD)

Dairylea has used a fun and young approach that resonates perfectly with its target audience of parents looking for an enjoyable snack for their children. This combined with the exciting competition and musical sound effects, which help the campaign cut through and engage listeners, has ensured that Dairylea has performed strongly across the various RadioGauge creative metrics.

5. Aviva (Creative by Abbott Mead Vickers BBDO; media by Zenith Optimedia)

Aviva’s long-running use of Paul Whitehouse as the voice (and face) of the brand continues with this latest campaign. Keeping the message he delivers here clear and simple has worked a treat for Aviva scoring well on the key "information" metric and ensuring its message about being open with its customers lands with listeners.