Lever Faberge airs BBH's Cannes gold-winning Lynx TV spot in UK

Lever Faberge is launching its Cannes gold-winning "getting dressed" spot for its Lynx deodorant range in the UK.

The ad, created by Bartle Bogle Hegarty, will break on 4 September and has 60-second and 40-second versions. It has run in other European markets since the beginning of 2004.

The ad continues the theme of the Lynx Effect brand message that men who wear the fragrance must be prepared to attract female attention.

The ad begins with a young man and woman in bed and follows them as they retrace their steps to where they met; through a town and other public areas, picking up items of clothing they removed on the way, completely oblivious to those around them.

In the final scene, the couple return to their original meeting point - a supermarket. Their two abandoned shopping trolleys sit side-by-side where the man and woman first met.

The commercial ends with the line: "Because you never know when. Lynx 24-7 lasts 24 hours a day."

The ad will run on national television and in the cinema around blockbuster movies such as The Bourne Supremacy. Media is by Initiative.

The commercial was written and art directed by Nick Gill and directed by Ringan Ledwidge through Small Family Business.

Caroline Simpson, the Lynx brand manager at Lever Faberge UK, said: "This is a new twist on the Lynx Effect campaign. The fact that Lynx works 24 hours a day provides all sorts of new opportunities. We need to make sure guys are aware of this."