Levi's 'bread and butter' by Wieden & Kennedy Amsterdam

Levi Strauss is to run the first global marketing campaign in its 138-year history, which will introduce the "Go Forth" strapline to the UK.

The global approach will be to launch simultaneously across 19 countries through a "Facebook roadblock". As part of the campaign, by Wieden & Kennedy Amsterdam, Levi’s will open its first European-based workshop, a community-based screen-printing space called the Levi's Print Workshop in Berlin designed to facilitate creative production and collaboration.

The campaign will collaborate with the young Portuguese street artist Alexandre Farto to create a series of street murals that capture the faces of some of Berlin’s modern-day pioneers in a dramatic way.

The portraits were sculptured into major building facades dotted throughout the German city. The murals film was written by Sean Vij and art directed by Mathew Jerrett. The "making of" documentary was directed by Sane van Hecke.