Levi's partners Google to create smart jacket

Item allows people to use their phone via a series of hand gestures.

Levi's: jacket includes functions such as camera
Levi's: jacket includes functions such as camera

Levi’s has teamed up with Jacquard by Google to create a smart jacket for the fashion brand’s autumn/winter collection.

Each jacket contains a range of Google-related features that allow users to enhance their everyday experiences through a series of hand gestures.

These gestures are triggered via a Jacquard Tag, which is located on the jacket’s cuff and is smaller than a stick of chewing gum.

As well as phone and messaging services, features include "My day", which triggers time, weather and calendar, and  "Always together", which receives alerts if the wearer has left their phone behind.

Hand gestures can also be used to take a picture with the user’s phone camera, including functions such as visual and haptic countdown timers, while the "Ride and share" feature lets users to know when their taxi will arrive, as well as who is driving it.

"We’re excited to continue this journey with our partners at Google ATAP [Advanced Technology and Projects]," Paul Dillinger, vice-president, global product innovation, at Levi's, said. 

"Two years after we first launched Jacquard – the technology has become smaller and more discrete, more affordable and more useful, but the premise and purpose remain the same: you can keep your phone in your pocket and your eyes on the world around you, staying connected without being distracted."

The jacket is available to buy on Levi's website, as well as in select stores across the Australia, France, Germany, Italy, the UK and the US.