Lib Dems complain to ASA over tube ads promoting PPP plan

The Liberal Democrats have attacked a campaign by London

Underground to promote the controversial public-private partnership plan

for the tube at its own stations.

The Lib Dems have complained to the Advertising Standards Authority over

a £300,000 push by Cooney & Bains with 3,400 posters using the

slogan: "Your tube: publicly owned, privately built."

Tom Brake, the party's transport spokesman, said: "It would appear that

this is an attempt to win over the electorate to a policy scheme which

they comprehensively rejected in the London Assembly elections.

"Taxpayers should not have to shell out for what appears to be Labour

Party propaganda. The ASA must now advise as to whether public money is

being spent wisely."

Under the ASA code, any advertiser whose principal function is to

influence voters in elections should make clear its identity in the


A spokeswoman for London Underground said: "There has been a lot of

confusion about the PPP. It has been misrepresented as being the same as

the Railtrack model but it is not. We want to ensure our customers know