Liberty 'where do they go?' by Will MacNeil

A man made out of paper documents who roams the streets is the star of an online film designed to highlight how the government's actions can jeopardise the privacy of people's personal data.

The film, which is being used by leading campaigning group Liberty, aims to increase opposition to the government’s identity cards proposal as well as generate awareness of how our personal data is being treated.

The ad opens with sheets of paper filled with personal information flying out of an office window and onto the street where they group together to form the shape of a person.

He then wanders down the street and onto a bus, showing how we don’t know where our information ends up. The voiceover is provided by Liberty supporter and actor Simon Callow.

The 30-second film was created by director Will MacNeil and donated to Liberty to run on its website as well as other selected sites.