LIDA launches DM promotion for new Rover

The direct marketing agency LIDA has created a campaign for the

launch of the Rover 75 Tourer.

The direct mail campaign builds on the added space that the Tourer

offers the motorist. An initial brochure mailing parodies an estate

agent's booklet with the line "Do you ever feel like you could use more

space?", followed by "Why not move into something a little bigger?".

Each feature of the car is then described as if it were part of a new


This brochure is backed up by a second mailing that invites interested

drivers to a test drive.

It shows an image of the car and then emphasises the extra space the

vehicle provides with the line: "You've already seen it on the outside.

Now see how it measures up on the inside." A tape measure is included in

the pack and the dimensions of the vehicles are described.

The initial mailing will reach 100,000 consumers.

Toby Fairclough, the account director at LIDA, said: "This is a new

vehicle and the first time Rover has been in the premium estate car


"Our task is to find new customers and to build a database of


The campaign was art directed by Dean Jones and Andy Green was the