Lidl "A Christmas you can believe in" by Karmarama

Lidl's Christmas spot has taken aim at the overused tropes of retailers' festive ads.

The 60-second animation opens over a snow-draped town before zooming in on a house, where a girl is leaving a mince pie on the windowsill for her robin redbreast pal – while a female vocalist sings a cutesy song about friendship. That’s until 12 seconds in, when a price appears on the screen, and the singer states: "Nope – it’s a Christmas ad from Lidl with great prices instead…"

The story then follows the girl as she runs downstairs to join Christmas dinner with the family, while the song rattles through various conventions of festive advertising, such as the slow pouring of "emotional gravy" and an invitation to viewers to "smell the magic" of free-range British turkey.


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