Linda Barker in WWAV Garnier Belle Colour mailing

LONDON - WWAV Rapp Collins has cast the interior designer Linda Barker in a direct mailing to promote Garnier's Belle Colour permanent hair colourant range.

It introduces consumers to the DIY "colour selector headband" — a crown, striped with a range of hair colours, which can be constructed from the mailing and used to match an appropriate shade.

The strapline, which is printed in Barker’s handwriting, reads: "What's your natural Belle Colour?"

More than 200,000 households of known hair colourant users will this week receive the mailing that displays the 27 different variants available in the range.

It also promotes the colour inspiration zone at, where users can upload a self-portrait to try to discover their perfect colour.

WWAV’s head of creative, Ian Haworth, said: "This is a very involving, fun and informative approach. It simply tells customers that we will get them the hair colour they want. All they have to do is find the colour that suits them with the selector headband."

In the leaflet are "money off" coupons and the chance to win a personal makeover and a home transformation.

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