Between the Lines: AA boosts its political clout

With David Cameron looking increasingly like a credible prime-minister- in-waiting, the Advertising Association's decision to appoint one of his shadow ministers as its new chief looks an astute one (page 1).

Not so long ago it would have been inconceivable that the Tories, long-term advocates of light-touch advertising regulation, would ever have called for extra curbs on advertising and marketing to children. But this week's party conference did exactly that.

Having Peta Buscombe run the show at the AA could prove prescient. Not only is she very well connected politically, but she knows the industry from the inside, having worked for the IPA for three years, and is in a good position to know how an incoming Cameron regime might think and act.

Moreover, Buscombe's front-bench experience in the Lords has given her invaluable insight into the implications of a fragmenting media. Knowing the challenges the industry faces as she does, who better to defend it?