Between the Lines: Ad execs spread their wings

It's tempting to interpret the fact that Simon Toaldo and Nigel Long are joining Ingram and Naked respectively as something of a trend (pages 2 and 3). After all, they're both from creative agency backgrounds (in fact, they worked together at Partners BDDH), and they're both moving to communications consultancies.

Indeed, it is a sign of just how much the communications industry is changing that both are looking at life beyond advertising agencies.

The advertising agency market is mature. Pressures on all of the big players are excruciating, with most seeming to be losing the new-business battle. Under such conditions, it's not surprising that executives are opting to join consultancies with more obvious growth potential.

It also signals that these days management skills are at a premium. Those who've got them can pretty much pick and choose where they want to work. It doesn't matter what background they've come from, as long as they can lend some sound business nous and demonstrate some ability with senior clients.