Between the Lines: Adland's procrastinators

Herding cats would be a doddle for Paul Hammersley compared with the frustrating job of trying to finalise the starting line-up of the new operation he will be fronting more than one month after Sir Frank Lowe announced its birth.

Whatever the reasons for the procrastination by some of those slated as founding partners, such delays are no good for anybody. Not for those agencies who need unequivocal answers about whether or not key senior managers are soon to depart. Not for some of the clients of those agencies. And not for the new shop, which is prevented from fully capitalising on the hype it has created.

Tesco seems to have precipitated the situation with its insistence that the agency announce its presence, albeit prematurely, before it confirmed the switching of its account. For everybody's sake, let's hope minds are made up soon.