Between the Lines: Duff leaves his mark on ITV

Graham Duff should be proud of the legacy he leaves behind at ITV (page 1).

Duff has worked to impose cultural change on an organisation that has traditionally been driven by confronting, rather than engaging, its customers and is famously riven with dysfunction. As well as being a proven and capable manager, he is also popular among his staff, the ad community and clients.

But he seems to have created a certain dichotomy for the company. With ITV putting in a consistently poor ratings performance, it has returned to its old habits and been forced to come out fighting the agencies, despite Duff's work in attracting new and lapsed TV advertisers back to the medium. No wonder he is frustrated with the company.

With Gary Digby, ITV's ferocious sales director, set to take on Duff's role and Ian McCulloch, its equally no-nonsense chief operating officer, taking on more responsibility, there is evidence that it is this ability to negotiate, rather than engage, that has moved back to the top of the ITV Sales agenda.