Between the Lines: Emap beefs up its brands

Emap has moved David Pullan to the new role of strategic marketing and brand development director (page 4). Essentially, he will look at ways to build its magazine and radio brands - to make them more famous and more profitable while engaging audiences more closely.

This approach, based around brands and audiences, seems the right one, especially since Emap had its hands burned at the turn of the millennium with its heavy investment in digital. Pullan seems the right man for the job in that he has helped turn FHM into a global brand with online, mobile, TV and international users.

The leap in Emap's thinking is that the power of platforms such as online and mobile extends beyond young, male audiences. Pullan's task will be to develop the relationships between Emap's brands and its products, whether the audience is hip young Kiss listeners or the loyal female readership of Closer.

As long as this results in its brands becoming more profitable, Emap should be applauded for putting brands and its customers at the heart of what it does.