Between the Lines: Euro a no-go for excitement

The news that Euro RSCG London is looking to replicate the (relative) success it enjoyed with Mark Wnek and Brett Gosper is an interesting solution to its management problems (page 1).

The idea is effectively to give equity in the UK agency to one or two new executives in the hope of buying in the sort of entrepreneurial energy, enthusiasm and commitment enjoyed by a start-up.

But why a heavyweight team would eschew the start-up route for Euro's undoubted challenges is harder to fathom. The sale of agencies such as VCCP and Miles Calcraft Briginshaw Duffy in 2005 has surely proven that the start-up route can be very lucrative, very quickly.

What's more, the sheer adrenaline of a genuine start-up is all part of the appeal; at Euro, the risks will not be as great (for a start, there will be a ready-made hefty salary), but neither will the excitement.

And then you'd have to consider that Euro London is a damaged brand and its parent, Havas, is still in a state of turmoil. It's hard to imagine a genuine entrepreneur wanting to take the Euro shilling.