Between the Lines: Fred and Farid's wanderlust

Fred Raillard and Farid Mokart have a reputation for radical and passionate creative work. Unfortunately, it is matched by a worrying wanderlust.

The thirtysomething pair have worked their way through three agencies in the past five years. They are not easily manageable and have been known to turn down briefs that are not to their liking.

All very well if you happen to be a young Turk with a name to make and little responsibility to bear. But they are at a stage in their careers where grown-up management skills are required.

Their exit from the Publicis-owned Marcel after just 17 months to get their names above the door of a Vincent Bollore-backed start-up looks rushed and brutal (page 2). Not only will it bring about the almost certain closure of the agency that was built around them, but the pair have caused huge embarrassment to their erstwhile boss, Maurice Levy.

To upset Levy, the most powerful adman in France, is unfortunate. To upset Bollore, the second most powerful, would look like carelessness.