Between the Lines: Gash fuses digital and post

This week, Stephen Gash launched a digital production company, a joint venture with the post-production outfit Golden Square (page 5).

The business is designed to exploit an obvious gap in the market for TV production and post-production companies. Until now, specialist operations such as The Viral Factory have mopped up all the new-media work going, with few TV businesses prepared to work to meagre digital budgets. What projects they have taken on have tended to be shrouded in some secrecy - it's difficult to justify inflated TV production budgets if you are also producing virals and other online media content at a fraction of the cost.

As advertisers embrace rich media online, the new business should find itself with plenty of jobs. But if Gash also comes up with a new fee system that enables him to make money out of digital, it might present a solution to the payment problem that has been plaguing production companies for years, as declining fees, mark-up and TV budgets continue to squeeze their profits ever more tightly.