Between the Lines: Google continues ad grab

Google's launch of its global video advertising service (this page) is interesting more because of its potential than its current offering. Although Google will argue that trials in the US with advertisers such as Nike and Pontiac already demonstrate value, the real story lies in what it shows about the search giant's intentions.

The launch of click-to-play video ads is just the latest in a series of Google initiatives designed to grab a share of the TV advertising market. Although advertisers have been able to run video online before this launch, Google claims that its auction system of payment and the fact that it will not charge a serving cost makes its way a better - and cheaper - option.

But if Google is going to be successful in generating significant interest in the UK, it may have to look again at its decision to scrap agency commission.

While agencies can't afford to leave Google off any search listings plan, the lingering resentment felt by some against what is seen as its bullying tactics might make agencies less likely to try out any new services.