Between the Lines: Integration back in spotlight

For several years marketers and agencies have been claiming to be advocates of integration, but this week's front page reveals that belief in the discipline is actually taking hold.

First of all, the ramifications of Rapier - a DM agency - beating Rainey Kelly Campbell Roalfe/Y&R to the lion's share of the launch task for Virgin X, the working title of the merged Virgin/ntl company, cannot be underestimated.

RKCR/Y&R has built the Virgin Mobile brand into its position of strength, replete with cool credentials among young phone-users. Moving the TV account to Rapier will not be a decision that James Kydd, Virgin X's managing director of marketing, will have taken lightly.

Meanwhile, the appointment of Shaun McIlrath as the first creative director of Hurrell and Dawson is another leap forward. The agency's founders have shunned the obvious option of making a high-profile, above-the-line creative their first signing, and instead have opted for someone who has been a strong advocate of integration since 1993.