Between the Lines - IPA wades into media spat

In these days of media consolidation, good old media spats are fewer and further between. So news that the outdoor industry is riven by dispute over the measurement of audiences for trackside and Tube posters (page 4) seems like a return to the good old bad old days.

This time, though, the IPA is proving to be the one of the key antagonists.

And rightly so. Since media research is one of the most obscure and jargon-heavy parts of the media world, a referee is always a welcome addition to any research discussion. If the IPA has any role to play in issues of media measurement, then it is as a quality controller and referee.

This time the IPA is said to be unhappy with the robustness of the trackside data and, not surprisingly, the issue has set the rival roadside and railside factions at loggerheads. Which makes it even more appropriate that the IPA should play watchdog.