Lines to launch outdoor auditing company

Alistair Lines, the former chief executive of Interpublic's outdoor specialist, IPM, is launching an auditing company focusing on outdoor.

Lines, who left IPM last year, has been working on the launch for the past six months.

The timing of the launch coincides with debate over transparency in the outdoor sector following last week's news that Gen Outdoor is to work with clients on a fee, rather than commission, basis.

Lines is trying to get advertisers on board to use as a basis for his company's audits. He has approached ISBA and major advertisers, but is believed to have encountered scepticism from some outdoor specialists which are not keen to provide client data.

One senior outdoor specialist source said: "It's not our role to release client information to a private company."

Lines, who will compete against companies including Media Audits and Fairbrother Media, which already attempt to audit outdoor, is said to have initially approached outdoor contractors about using their data, but was met with opposition owing to the sensitivity of the information.

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