Between the Lines: Lowe London in win shock?

News that John Lewis is close to appointing Lowe London to its £13 million account is testament to the lure of a strong creative director (page 1).

Garry Lace, the former chief executive of Lowe, threw money at Ed Morris to prevent him from defecting along with the Tesco account to The Red Brick Road (Campaign, 27 January). That now seems to be proving money well spent.

The agency's management has chopped and changed over the past two years.

It hasn't got a chief executive after an unsettling period during which Lace was under investigation by IPG. Its planning director, Rebecca Morgan, has only just got her feet under her desk. And the agency has been losing accounts for several years now. All of which indicates that John Lewis can only be hiring the agency on the strength of its creative credentials.

The win couldn't come at a more crucial time for the agency. The prospect of working as part of a successful pitch team with Morris should help Lowe attract a strong candidate to fill the vacant chief executive's chair.