Between the Lines: Naked in its Element again

There is a weary inevitability in the news that WCRS and Naked Communications are joining forces to launch a communications planning agency (page 1). It's certainly easy to view the venture - called Element Communications - as another in a growing line of Naked tie-ups by creative agencies looking for some tokenistic media credentials.

But this time there is already business to back up the claimed ambitions: Element has won the £25 million BMW communications planning from Vizeum.

It will also handle clients including 118 118, which was a Naked account, and Mini.

The truth is that while Naked remains unpopular with media agencies, it is the company that creative agencies are itching to get closer to.

It has cornered a market in creative agency strategic joint ventures and there's no doubt that more and more creative agencies are embracing the idea. As long as media agencies continue to dismiss it as a fluffy irrelevance, there's a real competitive advantage to be had for the Naked offspring.